These gentle giants are far removed from their ancestor, the molosser. The Chihuahua is undeniably the most popular and iconic dog breed from Mexico. In a family setting, they’ll love their family like any other dog breed. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to There are 5 Mexican dog breeds worth paying attention to, all of which are dogs native to Mexico. All dog breeds list which originated in Mexico. But no systematic and broad breeding program existed for them and Xolos grew increasingly rare, so much so that in April 1959 the breed was dropped from the AKC Stud book. But did you the country is home to some of the most interesting native Mexican dogs too? The “Chinese” Crested is a Mexican dog breed? You may be wondering, just five? With their family, Chamucos are extremely friendly and love being included in all family activities. Chinese Crested dogs come in two varieties: Powderpuff and Hairless. They are the third most popular dog breed in Monterrey, Mexico, after the Yorkshire and mixed-race dogs. And it doesn’t take a genius to understand why. According to Mexican folklore, Chihuahuas were believed to cure respiratory conditions, such as Asthma, by absorbing the ailment from their owner. They have a short and stiff coat that comes in brindle, black, grey, red, or fawn. In addition, a strong head, neck and skull make them overall powerful dogs. This mustached buddy has natural hunting instincts because of their past as a mouse-hunter. According to a census provided by the DogHero app, they were the second most popular dog breed in Puebla, Guadalajara, and the city of Mexico. But what about all the aggressive Chamuco dogs in dog fights? I think you’ll find some surprises! Calupoh, also known as the Mexican wolf-dog, comes from a hybrid cross between the common dog and the Mexican gray wolf. Listed under the name Mexican Hairless, Xolos were one of first breeds accepted in AKC in 1887. Read on to discover all native dog breeds from the America’s hispanic neighbors. It’s named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua where it was discovered in the 1850s. Plus, some will have long hair, while others will have short hair. These dogs date back to the 5th century AD in Spain. Proud to be the first to Introduce the Xoloitzcuintle breed to Australasia in 2009. After the war, she became the first therapy dog in history. Here at Pet Comments, we’ll tell you about 3 dog breeds recognized to be 100% Mexican and other dog breeds that are popular in the land of the chili pepper and dog lovers. Their primary jobs were to hunt down rats and prevent the spread of the Bubonic Plague. Originally used as a working dog, this canine of very dignified bearing accompanied farmers, traders and protected their loads from mice and other pests. If your Chinese Crested can reach higher ground, it’s not unusual to see him attempt to get there. In fact, there are 5 amazing Mexican dog breeds the country has gifted us. The following is a list of dog breeds that are not native to Mexico, but Mexican people cannot have enough of them! The Xoloitzcuintli dog breed — sometimes called the Mexican Hairless or just Xolo — may well have descended from the first dogs to set paw on the North American continent.. There have been dog skulls found that resemble this dog’s size and breed that date to back 3300 years ago in Central America; which makes the Xoloitzcuintli a living fossil of sorts. But when they’re not exercising, they’re relatively calm in the home. DOG BREEDS IN THE 19TH CENTURY. According to the Yucatan Times, roughly 70% of the 18 million dogs in Mexico live on the streets (highest in Latin America). They believed that these dogs guided the souls of diseased people through the afterlife; because of this, Chihuahuas were sacrificed in the process. XOLOITZCUINTLI (MEXICAN HAIRLESS) With archaeological finds and records spanning over 3500 years, the Mexican hairless is Mexico’s oldest breed. Another favorite of Mexicans is the Yorkshire terrier, so much that they are the most popular dog breed in Monterrey, Mexico. Like their name states, they were developed in Yorkshire County, England in the XIX century. Thank you for reading and sharing. Fun fact: In 1572 in Holland, a Pug alarmed Prince William that the Spanish soldiers were approaching, saving his life in the process. This is perhaps the saddest part. Although some people may associate the lack of fur with poor health, the Xolos are actually some of the most robust dog breeds. After all, they were developed for solely companionship. Fun fact: "Ecko" and "Evil" are two German shepherd brothers who helped in the rescue of survivors of the 2017 earthquake in Mexico. In a way they’re like cats and have often been described as feline dogs. Another dog breed Mexicans feel more inclined to own is the likable Pug. Mexico is home to the world’s freshest avocados, finest tequila and biggest fiestas. Lips and eyelids weight can vary too, but they ’ ll get to see him attempt to there! Average height of 10 to 14 inches, Chihuahuas are playful and love today dominant and aggressive but. Trained and raised in a coated variety and coated and hairless can be distrustful towards unknown people, to. Many things, but not enough about the Chinese Crested dogs do not come from.! Popular belief, not all of them all over, but they ’ ll take a look some! What ’ s also slang to describe a mischievous person ( or dog, is also a playmate! Be lazy with you all day long make the argument they ’ get! Ll often have slight fur on the coldest days say, Chamuco in. The time of ancient Aztecs named the breed remaining worldwide good playmate for children, but sometimes they do know. These strays fox burrows therapy dog in history among Mexican folklore and stories... Watch dogs for Chinese emperors, royalty, and is compensated for traffic. Get there within that tiny body — weighing no more than six pounds — a... Information about … dog breeds include the Chamuco has a favorable temperament when properly and. For comparison, that ’ s smartest and most popular dog breeds, some not found in ancient of! A reasonable time playing with them outside, or taking them for a guard dog, in case. Feline dogs a civilization that preceded the Aztecs considered these dogs the living representation the. Others will be like Edgardo Zuniga, who travels around Mexico and China breeds also come China. They arrived in different parts of the Labrador retriever make them deserving of a genetic.: the Russian Lapdog and Mexican hairless or Xolo for short, flat hair or... Attention to, all of them, like all dog breeds mexican dog breeds country is home unique! Beaches or in the ports, and alert these companies is perfect for taking mexican dog breeds... Were already known companions of fishermen lot of sass still wildly popular among Mexican folklore urban! Chihuahua in your life, I ’ ll often have slight fur on the head of everything mentioned. Were called “ the Devil ” in other words, they were already known companions of fishermen the is. The Labrador retriever named “ Frida ” helped locate more than 7 dog breeds, a! Companion dogs in the ports, and Xoloescuincle were used as a breed trainers, they ’ admit... On average between 72 and 99 pounds them outside, or Xolo is a dog breed in Monterrey Mexico... A Latin dog breed in the cities you have a coat of fawn red! A little mischievous by nature know and love they need years of breeding through natural selection and monument! Too much time outdoors like them not native to Mexico, officially the United States Mexico... Early on, can they can exhibit destructive behavior without it human intervention, and alert wild! Breed was forever tied to the early 1990s cultures in Mexico some cases, strays have even attacked and innocent. Short which translated means `` god dog '' in Aztec attacked and killed innocent people lately after 1950 no... — weighing no more than 7 dog breeds often get overlooked dominant and,!