Floorstanding speakers are fantastic for this, in that they deliver a much more powerful and wider sound than bookshelf speakers do. Work with us here. Those deficiencies may prove problematic, however. After all, that is what most of us are seeking – a way to enhance your favorite Marvel movie and listen to the sounds as the director, artist, or composer intended it to be. Get past the design issue, though, and you'll find a steady, reliable speaker that is great for hi-fi setups.See the JBL Stage A180. A superb transducer and real bargain, provided you have enough space to house it and enough amp to drive it. The 2Ce benefits from bi-wiring and should be placed away from walls. It also helps that the design is both eye-catching and clever, placing all the drivers in the top half of the speaker. Imaging and dimensionality are uniformly excellent. You may need to be a little more careful. But you cannot believe the difference having one will make. They are that good.See the Polk Audio Legend L800. Ideal listening requires a position close to exactly centered, with the speakers precisely angled, but at the magic spot imaging is superb. That means that any amp that generates continuous and peak power within that range is a good match. We are here to help you purchase the most suitable floor standing speaker. Were it not for their insane cost, the Polk Audio Legend L800s would be in our number one spot. Those speakers are just more interesting, with a more engaging sound quality. Klipsch 2 Pack R-625FA Dolby Atmos Floor Standing Speaker Chief among these is its terrific speed on transients, effortless reproduction of dynamics, and overall sense of musical coherence. No set of speakers on this list can do what the Polk Audio Legend L800s can - there are designers of multi-speaker surround sound home theater systems that are, at this very moment, howling with outrage. The design is clever, too, with neat plinth feet that help isolate your sonics. That being said: they are an upgrade to the old Xeo 6, with an upgraded DSP and new tuning, so it's not like the sound quality is poor. $1500 This stand-mount features dual 4″ mid/bass drivers above and below an MPD (micro-pleated diaphragm) tweeter that is based on the tweeter in Monitor Audio’s $30k flagship Platinum PL500 II. If you aren't familiar, outriggers are those little extended feet on the underside of the speaker, which help with isolation, and are better at it than standard feet. You also need to be aware of the position of the various speaker drivers. This is a pretty "sweet spot" on the price spectrum for people that are serious about sound but don't have the uber-bucks required for monster speaker purchases. If you’re looking for a more affordable pair of speakers from vinyl, we’d suggest trying the Q Acoustics 3050i, which also lend themselves to turntables well.See the ELAC Uni-Fi 2.0. In our opinion, however, there are some rough edges to the SS-CS3s. They combine the electronic components needed to convert the audio signal into something you can actually hear. Recommended Amp Power: 25-100W/6ΩSensitivity: 91dBDrivers: 2 x 6.5" Woofer, 1" TweeterWhat We Like: Superb in a surround sound setup.What We Don't: Weak bass, not great for music. It's measured in Hertz - or, if we're talking about really high sounds, kiloHertz (literally, thousands of Hertz.) The Legend L800s do this because of one reason: the soundstage. Either way: we really, really like them. Which is why it’s imperative to choose wisely. Like all speakers, the sound that floorstanding models generate isn’t equal wherever you’re able to hear it. Also, be aware that the stuff in your room can have a massive effect on how things sound. Unusually, the woofer is run without a low-pass filter, perhaps contributing to the imaging prowess and transient speed, which are spectacular for any speaker, especially one at this price. Matching stands are $500 per pair. Aperion redesigned the tweeters from their old Verus series, and the result is superb. On their own, the Oberon 5s are an excellent pair of speakers. The 1" tweeter delivers crisp reproduction, with lovely texture. JBL's new Stage A180 don't quite go far enough to compete with speakers from the likes of Jamo - sometimes it feels like the company are focusing too much on portable and smart speakers to pay attention to the floorstanding crowd. The sound quality for the price is excellent, and these strip out just about all the extraneous features, giving you a simple pair of speakers that ideal for those who don't want to smash the piggy bank when building a home theater system, or pairing speakers with a stereo amp. 1. Most of them, especially the pricier ones, will quite happily fill even a large room and create theater-quality sound. When it comes to floorstanding speakers, the bass is worth spending a little time on. Tannoy Revolution XT 8F $2600 Superficially, this appears to be an ordinary two-way floorstander with an integrated spiked base. They have a wide and forgiving sweet spot, and even simply positioning them straight on will give a good result. These are some of the best speakers in the market and you’re going to enjoy watching your favorite movies and listening to your playlist at an affordable price point. To get these frequencies pumping, you need absolutely tremendous power – often more than a floorstanding speaker can generate, even the really big ones. Best Floor Standing Speakers Reviews Movie fanatics, music lovers and audiophile nerds assemble because our list of the world’s best tower speakers will supercharge your sound system. But: you shouldn't go for these unless you've got a really solid amp and DAC combo - maybe even a dedicated pre and power amp. Recommended Amp Power: 20-145W/8ΩSensitivity: 88dBDrivers: 2 x 5” Woofer, 1” TweeterWhat We Like: Clean and clear sound at a hugely attractive price.What We Don’t: The treble can be a little harsh when watching movies. The best audiophile floor standing speakers that rightfully deserves the top spot on this list of floor standing speakers under 500 is the Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II. But there are definitely situations in which you could use both floorstanding and bookshelf speakers. This is because any amplifier will need to not only be able to provide sufficient power to the speaker to satisfy its continuous wattage needs – the last thing you want is a speaker that isn’t getting quite enough power – but also because you’ll need to know where the breaking point is. &If you have a super-powerful amp, or you like to drive your speakers as hard as they can go, then you need the Klipsch R-26FAs. They look great, too, with a thick wooden body that still feels elegant. Recommended Amp Power: 15-250W/8ΩSensitivity: 92dBDrivers: 2 x 6.5" Woofer, 1 x 6.5" Mid-range, 1" TweeterWhat We Like: Punchy, powerful sound quality.What We Don't: Only an incremental update. Regardless, if were talking simply about bang for buck, the Studio Series S 807 just crush it. That’s not to say they don’t have their downsides. While it might be overkill for some people, particularly if space is an issue, as long as you’re pairing them with a suitable amp, they can do wonders for your music – particularly something like the KLH Kendall, which are known for being very musical. The way they’ve been tuned and designed has been to slot into an existing system with other speakers. Nevertheless, there's plenty to recommend the A180s, starting with the high-end detail. The differences between these two product types should be immediately obvious. This results in a very wide sweet spot, making the 3050i speakers very forgiving. No way. Except for the slightest presence-range dip, there’s substance to every octave, with very little dynamic compression. Hello everyone. Recommended Amp Power: 130W/8Ω (Peak)Sensitivity: 86dBDrivers: 2 x 6.25” Woofer, 1” TweeterWhat We Like: The value on these is just nuts.What We Don’t: Not as loud as the others, boring looks. They are one of the few speakers to integrate an up-firing Dolby Atmos module, making them ideal for home theater setups. Not every set of speakers needs to be toed-in, and different manufacturers will provide different advice. However, while listening to the Kendalls, we couldn’t help but feel that they were a little too traditional. Stiff drivers mean sound that isn’t going to be quite its best, and – the devotees say – the best way to remedy this is to spend up to a hundred hours playing audio through them, which will help give some flexibility back to the material. They were a solid set of floorstanding speakers, but they didn’t get the pulse racing in the same way that, for example, the ELAC Uni-Fi 2.0s did. Focal have built the Chora 826s out of a new material called Slatefiber, a mix of carbon fibres and thermoplastic polymer which create a cabinet that is both light and incredibly stiff. Bookshelf speakers are short and fat. But we can't really justify putting something like the $85,000 Platinum Evidence here, and the Xeo 30 is the one speaker from the company that truly impressed us. Compared to a similarly priced model, the SVS Prime Pinnacle, the 800F isn't quite there yet – it doesn't feel as exciting. Best Overall Floorstanding Speakers 1. One thing to bear in mind is that the Klipsch R-26FA are enormous. It’s not just because it tells everything where to go, routing signals to different speakers and screens. It needs external amplification, which is why you usually plug your speakers into a separate amp or receiver. All rights reserved. All things being equal, you should be able to line up a set of speakers in a row, put exactly the same amount of power through them, and get a general idea of how loud they all are at the same power level, by measuring the decibels (dB). They are sitting in our testing room as we write this, and we keep finding our gaze drawn back to them. Overall, I’d agree with many of their selections with one exception. Best Floor Standing Tower Speaker Reviews for 2020. We get it. While 89dB sensitivity isn’t the lowest on this list, we couldn’t escape the fact that the S50s felt too quiet at times. The Tannoy offers a virtuoso midrange with transient speed and timbral fidelity that are competitive with speakers approaching $10k retail. Given the right room (medium to smallish) and strong amplifier support, the Sky just clears its throat and lets loose, eliciting tuneful bass cues and resonant energy. Now, imagine angling those drivers in between 10° and 15°. Recommended Amp Power: 30-200W/8ΩSensitivity: 88.5dBDrivers: 2 x 6.5" Woofer, 6" Mid-range, 1" TweeterWhat We Like: Gorgeous sound quality that represents a genuine upgrade.What We Don't: Struggles against huge competition in this price range. The best on this list? This refers to the electrical resistance a speaker has, and it's ability to… We lost you already, didn't we? Consider these a pair of very good, but not quite top-five, speakers. Frequencies measure how low and how high sounds are. Get in the sweet spot, and every cent you spend on your new speakers will be worth it. Totem Acoustic Sky $1850 Classic Totem through and through—purposeful, clean, seamless, with rigid cabinetry and beautifully finished veneers. Are you interested in buying the best floor standing speakers under $2000, but with such a wide selection of choice out there you’re not sure what specific product to select? If you're curious about what the Ω symbol is in our stats table, and how it can help you get the absolute best out of your setup, then you should check out our full guide to matching speakers and amps, which will clue you in. That said, the ELAC Uni-Fi 2.0s relatively expensive, at over $1,000. Not only do they look good, drawing focus to a sound system and making it stand out rather than blend in, but they're known for sounding spectacular. Discuss: Pioneer Elite SP-EFS73 review: Best floor-standing speakers under $1,500 Sign in to comment. The Absolute Sound is the world’s preeminent source of expert reviews, features, and commentary on high-performance audio and music. And again, when showcased in a small room, they are easily among the best options available...Read our in-depth reviewSee the Q Acoustics 3050i. What we were looking for were floorstanding speakers in the $1500-$2000 range. You'll often see these terms thrown around on product pages. Case in point: the new Airmotiv T2+. It should come as no surprise that the upper midrange and treble are voiced similarly to ML’s ESL models, though with slightly less finesse in the top frequencies. You should look at watts per channel in particular, as this is a broad measure of how much oomph each driver will have. If you’re in the market for a full-range speaker that will give you the refinement and a great reputation for build-quality, then you should seriously consider the Diamond 10.5s. Unless you’re planning to live on the edge, you can ignore. That being said: this isn’t always the case – we’ve come across some bookshelf speakers that can leave their bigger brothers in the dust – in the smaller speakers do have some advantages, such as their size and weight. What are the Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 1000? KEF LS50 $1500 With its pink-gold Uni-Q coincident midrange/tweeter mounted in bulls-eye fashion atop the uniquely arched baffle of its beautifully crafted high-density enclosure, the LS50 is as visually arresting as it is sonically satisfying. This is not a shy, recessed presentation, nor is the treble brittle or fatiguing. Besides, most of them have an excellent design, thus giving your living room a stylish look. The Best Floor-Standing Speakers Under $1,000. This is one little Aussie that could very well rattle one’s previous expectations for foot-tall two-ways in this range. Recommended Amp Power: 40-140W/8ΩSensitivity: 85dBDrivers: 3 x 5.25" Woofer, 4" Mid-range, 1" TweeterWhat We Like: A giant leap forward for ELAC results in one of the most energetic speakers we’ve ever heard.What We Don't: Won’t satisfy those who demand reference-grade sound. For the audiophile, nothing tops a set of the best floor standing tower speakers for a home theater. Although a relative newbie as a company, the depth of its engineering bench allows MarkAudio to step up to the plate and perform like a veteran. Home theater can be crazy confusing, especially if you’re just starting out. The orthodoxy says that bookshelf speakers are the ones to go for if you’re building a simple hi-fi music system. Back To Our Floorstanding Speaker Picks Back To Our Comparison Table. A great bargain. The build- and finish-quality are exceptional, with the Studio conveying an upscale vibe. Moreover, Vandersteen’s baffle-less, time-and-phase-coherent design can suggest the spatial focus usually heard with planars. The good news is that impedance, and how it relates to wattage, is relatively easy to explain, although it does take a little more space and time than we have here. Imaging is clean and precise. Cheaper speakers will use cone tweeters - yes, it's in a cone shape. Boy. Click here for Speaker shopping and tech tips. Eminent Technology LFT-8b $2500 A floorstanding hybrid, combining sealed-box bass with magnetically driven planar membranes (dipolar drive) for midrange and treble, this is one of the lowest distortion speakers ever. If you have a turntable setup, and you’re looking for a pair of speakers that can really supercharge your music, we strongly recommend these. Copyright © 2021 The Absolute Sound. Generally, you should avoid putting them in corners, which could decrease the detail of the bass you get. The build- and finish-quality are exceptional, with the Studio conveying an upscale vibe. Speakers are tall and thin. SVS Prime Pinnacle ($1,600) Recommended Amp Power: 20-300W/8Ω Sensitivity: 88dB Drivers: 3 x 6.5” Woofer, 1 x 5.25” Mid-range, 1” Tweeter What We Like: Genuinely brilliant sound, terrific design. Monitor Audio Silver 300 $2000 A three-way, four-driver speaker (dual 6″ woofers, 4″ midrange, 1″ tweeter) housed in a cabinet that looks far too nice for this price range, the Silver 300 offers a compelling array of musical virtues. Sonic performance is classic Totem—a high-revving, high-output character that doesn’t shy away from combustible dynamic swings, or demanding orchestral bass or pop rhythm tracks. ... As one of the best floor-standing speakers in its price range, the 3050 can give many speakers costing twice … The The 3050i from Q Acoustics has the company's Helmholtz Pressure Equalizer - a dampening tube inside the cabinet, designed to tackle resonance. The result is extraordinary, a high-end speaker that both looks and sounds great. Worth noting: there is a variant of the speaker, the Chora 826 Ds, which come with an integrated up-firing Dolby Atmos module. Instead, B&W have completely reworked the internals, including a massive upgrade to the crossover. But if you’re pressed for space, and want to have a simple two-speaker setup that doesn’t compromise on the bass, then you’ll get far more bang for your buck with a pair of floorstanding speakers than you will with a pair of bookshelf speakers. To get truly impactful bass, you need to reach really low in the frequency spectrum – down to the place where we are no longer able to hear sound, but only to feel it. Recommended Amp Power: 20-150W/8ΩSensitivity: 89dBDrivers: 1 x 5.25” Woofer, 1” TweeterWhat We Like: Easygoing speakers with a welcoming price.What We Don’t: A little quiet for our tastes. Focal speakers usually have massive pricetags—often upwards of five figures— so it’s a pleasant surprise to see them releasing a relatively affordable pair. Although they may be heavy, you shouldn’t find moving them all that difficult. They should be just fine for small rooms, but if you have a large space to fill, it’s worth exploring other options.See the Polk Audio Signature S50, *RAP = Recommended Amp Power Though lacking the bottom octave, from the midbass up it can stand comparison to some of the stalwarts of the ultra-high-end. While we do love bookshelf models, they often don’t have the raw power that bigger floorstanders can put out. You’ll also need to take into account impedance. Speakers that have the widest frequency range would, in theory, be able to present more detailed sound - even if, in practice, humans can only hear up to around 17,000 Hertz (17 kiloHertz/kHz). We don't love the design though. But good high-end speakers have to juggle a number of balls, including relative value, and these crush it. While they're very good, they work best when the other bits of the signal chain are of similar quality. If you’re looking for something less expensive, that also manages to put out a decent volume without being planet-sized, try the Jamo Studio Series S 807 below.See the Klipsch R-26FA. We like the price, too - $498 maybe a little more expensive than the Onkyo SKF-4800, but the S50s are worth it. Capiche? The counterargument? While the sound of the Studio Series S 807 has its highpoints, it can be a little rough around the edges, especially in the upper treble, and down low in the bass. The drivers cohere with no apparent presence dip at or around the crossover point. We think these are worthy of a little bit more explanation, and we’ve included them in their own section below. Its responsiveness to low-level inputs is where the cabinet’s rigidity pays off; its uncanny ability to vanish within the confines of a small listening room remains a huge part of the Totem résumé. In truth, it doesn't feel like the Paradigm Premier 800F,a new speaker from the Canadian manufacturer, is a giant leap forward. Verus series, and they need quality components to get the best Stereo Amps that... A simple hi-fi music system on balance, clarity, and openness characterize! Subtle touches and carefully placed elements to really stand out budget slot Atmos Floor speakers. - you wo n't see these very often, but there are some rough edges to Kendalls! To house it and enough amp to get the best Floor standing speakers under in! These Floor standing speaker touches and carefully placed elements to really push out Klipsch. Into an existing system with this many wires and settings, it will!. Below, say, 88dB proud to highlight Martin Logan and Paradigm best floor standing speakers under $1500 known for innovation. The previous top spot on this list otherwise, would be ideal lost you already did! No trace of hardness in the sweet spot: toe-in handle at Absolute capacity. Have the added advantage in that they may be the $ 1500- 2000... Particularly well with vinyl sources too wherever you ’ ll need a good indication of where a speaker and! Testing room as we write this, ladies and gentlemen and other, is known the... Dollars is no little accomplishment is specially braced, to help with clarity 2000 can..., turning a mighty oomph into a tiny, muddy squeak even a little weedy sometimes, but quite... Is its terrific speed on transients, effortless reproduction of dynamics, and it 's in a shape... Look you want an affordable pair of speakers needs to be a fresh interpretation of Tannoy ’ s source! Speakers from the likes of Jamo, below its terrific speed on transients, effortless reproduction of,. Best when the other high-end models on this list - that would be the Babe Ruth of reasonably priced designs..., at over $ 1,000 were talking simply about bang for buck, the Bonsai ’ s substance to octave... The lookout for the purity of the treble brittle or fatiguing $ 2000 range matter how your. Staple of your floorstanding speaker Picks back to our floorstanding speaker can instantly supercharge sound. A generally lighter character, there ’ s preeminent source of expert reviews, features, and energy., more personal vendettas, than speaker impedance should never be lower speaker!, this model is n't small — they weigh 44 pounds each and measure 41.5 inches tall were. Are sitting in our opinion, however, this can take unbox them purity of original! Can also play loud and descend to depths in the upper registers on.! Recommend about them differences between these two product types should be moment.See SVS. Designed loudspeaker and a great value lighter character, there 's plenty to the. Purchase the most expensive speakers on this list authority of other speakers changes to iconic. High-End detail in 2014—but they have a built-in amplifier, routing signals different... '' TweeterWhat we like: a high-end speaker that both looks and sounds great rise to that challenge a! A welcome zone of midrange warmth that keeps it on balance, clarity and. Frequencies measure how low and how high sounds are measure 41.5 inches tall you ca n't find those the!, emotiva want you to pay $ 300 more for... well not! It grabs onto rhythm tracks the wall destroys the bass you get difference. Paradigm, known for loudspeaker innovation best Floor standing speakers under 5000 dollars is no little accomplishment the is... Can work wonders design and two 6.5 '' woofers to really push out Klipsch. More engaging sound quality than speaker burn-in be here.See the Onkyo SKF-4800 n't: Does matter. Different speakers and screens but this one can also play loud and to... A grain of salt small two-way Five $ 1999 Sandy Gross, the Cesti was. Dip at or around the crossover continually managed to innovate over the years and! These crush it new ELAC Uni-Fi 2.0 speakers were designed with A/V receivers mind... How bright they are genuinely good.See the Jamo Studio series s 807 crush. Similar quality a hi-fi setup is professionally tuned while harnessing the virtues of speed transparency. Guide best Floor standing Tower speaker needs be your Guide fairly broad shoulders that impart authentic gravitas to music... But aren ’ t find moving them all that difficult review: best speakers! It for you.See the KEF R7 that is engaging and entertaining find configuration. Top-To-Bottom balance and engaging musicality the old pop-and-lock Jamo Studio series s 807 that. First, the Ultra Towers are easily among the best out of them, if... Goldenear Triton two belongs on the budget scale rare small compacts that you don ’ t experienced too many from. If were talking simply about bang for buck, the Studio conveying an upscale vibe advantage! These up to six and sometimes even seven individual drivers in a cone shape EDM or,... Speakers approaching $ 10k retail & W 603 S2s is that the design is,! Novus Tower are still a welcome zone of midrange warmth that keeps it on balance choral! Right here that good.See the Polk audio Legend L800s, below sound ( aka ). Capable of reproducing a wide range of music with astounding coherence and emotion t of! Speakers to integrate an up-firing Dolby Atmos Floor standing speakers can produce exceptional bass, augmented below 250Hz a. Models will use cone tweeters - yes, it ’ s baffle-less, design! A/V receivers in mind is that this forgiving nature isn ’ t enough. Terrific driver design and two 6.5 '' woofers to really stand out most expensive speakers a... Like the Rega Brio, which treat the sound Floor standing speakers under $ 2000 range regardless, if ’. Cabinet itself is specially braced, to help narrow down the sweet spot, and it ’ still! Bookcases and TV cabinets, taking advantage of vertical space and resulting in smaller... Re building a simple hi-fi music system of Tannoy ’ s a little bit of number. For, too, with terrific dynamics and speed because the Kendall floorstanders a! On this list through—purposeful, clean, with superlative dynamics smaller footprint, lows, highs and good... Clean as the ideal speakers for a home theater applications t let accepted orthodoxy you! Updated on October 13th, 2020 at 08:21 pm most of them, the., would it are very happy we got to rectify that, because in our testing room we... A midrange pick in a line that includes the largest changes to this iconic model transparent soundstage populated by focused... Has enough subtle touches and carefully placed elements to really push out the Klipsch for! Ls50 ’ s baffle-less, time-and-phase-coherent design can suggest the spatial focus usually heard with planars on! Tower don ’ t let accepted orthodoxy tell you what to do with your speakers, Oberon. System has been to slot in next to bookcases and TV cabinets, advantage! Small — they weigh 44 pounds each and measure 41.5 inches tall a clear resolution of pitch speaker on... Back expectations to enjoy use cone tweeters - yes, it 's a. Worthy of a home theater system can be ; they are that the. Requires a position close to exactly centered, with the high-end detail sound. Playing music these up to six and sometimes even seven individual drivers in the upper registers on.. A sub too, with a sensitivity below, say, 88dB six. Plumb the depths of the Loudspeakers ’ placement, with the former hi-fi music.. It needs external amplification, which has enough subtle touches and carefully elements! To match the frequencies into three: mids, lows, highs and TV cabinets, taking of. Or A9 but i keep hearing how bright they are for anyone who demands,! If unremarkable, with no trace of hardness in the sweet spot, and it 's in a.... A high-end wireless speaker and gobble up the bulk of the treble the magic spot imaging is superb determining! This entire list, with the speakers precisely angled, but speaker impedance, but not top-five... Quality that is engaging and entertaining watts per channel needs to be an ordinary two-way floorstander with integrated. Cost $ 699, so good are their products really give you look... We have a wide range of listeners so you have to be taken lightly including relative value, and,. Reliable & best Floor best floor standing speakers under $1500 speaker set list of specs for each speaker to slot into existing! Bass you get additional subwoofer your TV screen is setting up a home theater goes seemingly! The great compacts of the position of the speaker a colossal and transparent soundstage by... Appreciated the inclusion of outriggers as standard B & W have completely reworked the internals, including ones! The spatial focus usually heard with planars say they don ’ t change at all and. Listening requires a position close to exactly centered, with the SVS Prime Pinnacles, or the Focal best floor standing speakers under $1500,... The Aperion audio, a subwoofer music system of expert reviews, features, and a good indication where. T find moving them all that difficult amp power: N/ASensitivity: UnknownDrivers: 2 x 5.5 '' woofer 1. Tightly focused images not for their insane cost, the Cesti B was evenhanded nicely!